You have 5 fingers: Use them well.

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National High Five Day- Use All 5 Fingers!

We believe there is a lot of positive power in the simplest act of a high five and since today is National High Five Day, we want to celebrate it! Let’s break down the HIGH five, finger by finger. You might be blown away by how much power each of your fingers posses.

The pinky finger is a symbol of friendship and promises. It possesses the potential to encourage us to make promises, and keep them. We like to think of the pinky as a reminder to: STAY TRUE TO YOUR WORD. You are only as good as your word.

In many cultures the ring finger represents the finger that someone might slide a ring onto one day as a symbol of love. We are all familiar with this. It is a strong finger… and we believe that in order to commit ourselves to another, we must be committed to ourselves, and not only that, but eager to follow through on commitments that we make to ourselves and others.

The middle finger. AH yes. How easy it is to raise, yet how negatively does it portray a person once it is raised? We are looking at this finger a little bit differently. It will require some will power, but we believe that the ability to resist the urge to use our middle finger will make us stronger, and obviously better people. The middle finger and your ability to NOT use it is a reminder that you are bigger than whatever is tempting you to lash out.

The pointer finger. You probably can guess where we’re going with this. The pointer finger is used for so many reasons, some of which are explorative and exciting, other times curious and often unkind. But we like to think that this finger is a tool in your personal tool box, equipped with endless possibilities. It symbolizes leadership and hard work. You can use it to lead yourself to a better place, and point yourself in the right direction on the path of life.

And last but most certainly not least. The thumb. A thumbs-up or thumbs-down is a common hand gesture and have been around for like, ever. But since we are sticking with a positivity theme here, we are definitely all for the thumbs-up! It’s a super simple way to say things like, “You got it dude!” and “Way to go!” and “Like it/Love it/Want more of it!”. It’s a hand motion you can make that tells someone that you like what they’re doing or what they did. It is the best and easiest way that you can CHEER ON THE WORLD! One little thumbs-up and a happy feeling becomes a happier one.

In closing and in honor of National High Five Day, we encourage everyone to remember the power behind a high five, and all the ways you can be a better you if you keep in mind the meaning behind each individual finger. Together, our fingers make a hand that we can use to shake another hand, work hard, and do good in the world. If you are fortunate enough to have a hand, use your fingers, all five of them, well. And don’t forget to give someone a high five today!

Each finger has a positive power. Use them well!

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