You Are Loved, Worthy and Capable – Erin Collins

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Today’s episode contains material pertaining to suicidal thoughts and OCD. Please be advised that if these topics are a trigger for you, you may want to postpone listening. That being said, it is jam packed with amazing takeaways from a really real story, and we know that whoever listens will be forever changed for the better.


Every Story Has Value

When today’s guest shared her story with us in preparation for this episode, her biggest hope was that it she would help others to find the courage they needed to do what is best for them. It was our most sincere privilege to interview our friend Erin Collins today, and first and foremost, we want to make sure that she knows how valuable her story is to us, and to whoever tunes in.

Small Steps

Erin did not deny the fact that she should get a little help when certain thoughts and feelings became hard to not think and feel. Looking back she would say that from the first time she realized that she was lost or confused about who she was, it has been the small steps she has taken that have made the biggest difference. When serious thoughts led to planning how her life would end, Erin’s roommate convinced her to get the help she needed. It might have been the biggest step she took to heal, but it most certainly wasn’t the only.

Be Inspired

Tune in today to be inspired by someone else’s struggle, overshadowed by her triumph. And remember… you are loved, worthy and capable of absolutely anything. We love you, Erin!





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