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Feel free to email us at hello@everykind.com with inquiries and questions!


PAYMENT | Minimum opening order is $300. Minimum reorder is $150 dollars. Accounts that have not made a purchase within the last twelve months are subject to a minimum reorder of $400. Payment for first time orders can be paid with all Major Credit Cards and PayPal to MamaSaidTees@gmail.com. Credit cards will be processed at the time of shipment. A valid credit card number must be on file at least three weeks prior to the estimated shipment date in order for the order to be processed

LATE PAYMENT | Late payments are subject to 18% annual finance charges. Interest will begin accruing one day after the due date on the invoice. Unpaid invoices will be submitted to a collection agency after 90 days. The amount due will include all legal and agency fees.

ORDERING NOTE | Please look closely at sizes and options available in the wholesale catalog before filling out an order we cannot complete.

SHIPPING | All domestic orders ship via UPS Ground unless prior arrangements have been made. Shipping is charged via a flat fee based on dollar value of the order. All orders ship from Wisconsin.

REPAIRS | If any product arrives damaged we will exchange it for the same product within 30 days of ship date. NOT INTENDED FOR REPRODUCTION |EVERYKIND, LLC

CONFIDENTIALITY | Buyer agrees to keep all wholesale pricing, terms and conditions confidential. Wholesale pricing, terms and conditions should not be published or discussed with other parties by the buyer under any circumstance.

CANCELLATION | Any canceled order is subject to a 50% cancellation fee to be paid within fifteen days of cancellation. Shipment dates that have been pushed back by the buyer 60 days or more from the original estimated shipment date will be treated as cancelled orders and be subject to the 50% cancellation fee. Unpaid fees will be submitted to a collection agency after 90 days. The amount due will include all legal and agency fees.

ACCOUNT TERMINATION | We reserve the right to terminate any wholesale account at any time at our discretion.

THANK YOU | You are helping us make the world a better place. We are thankful and excited to work with you!

We will create a wholesale account to allow you to shop directly from our website! However if we are out of stock of an item please contact us at hello@everykind.com