What my mother taught me

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As I get older I start to realize just how much my mother taught me about life, even things she probably didn’t realize she was doing at the time. And there’s no better day than Mother’s Day to reflect on it all.

She taught me to care. A lot. This may sound funny considering my mother doesn’t like showing her emotions in front of people, but I know that’s because she cares SO much that if she starts to show them she won’t be able to stop. She loves her family and stops at nothing to make us happy!

She taught me to have a thick skin and not play the “poor me” card. If life handed her lemons she would dig out all the seeds and make lemonade. She didn’t wait for someone else to fix her problems. She went after what she wanted and worked her butt off to get it! She showed me how to be strong and confident that I could handle anything.

She taught me to have a sense of humor. Sarcasm is our second language and laughter is the best medicine! There is just about nothing better than a really great laugh until you cry moment.

She taught me to be spontaneous & create fun memories. She would pull my sister and I out of school to go shopping or do something fun just because. One time she told us we were going out to dinner, but surprised us with a night at a local hotel to swim. They were little things at the time, but HUGE things in my memories.

She taught me to value my time and not spread myself too thin. Though I certainly fought back as a teenager, Sundays were dedicated to family time! We would take drives with no real destination, listen to her blaring U2 in the house and gear up for the week. The rest of the week could be committed to our activity/hobby of choice, but there was no option to be carted around from activity to activity trying to over-commit to everything. We went all in on our one thing and I’m so thankful as it turned into a lifelong passion for me!

And most important, she made me feel so special and SO loved. When she showed up to school on my birthday with a teddy bear inside a giant balloon she may have been EXTRA, but I loved it so much. She was THAT mom in the audience at my dance recitals yelling, “COLLEENIE” when the other parents clapped calmly. I always knew how much she loved me and would truly drop everything for me if I needed her.

All these lessons I can only hope to pass on to my children as they grow up! Thanks mom. I love you.

Download this blank “What My Mother Taught Me” graphic to fill in and reflect on your mom this Mother’s Day!

What My Mother Taught me



What My Mother Taught me

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