What do teachers REALLY want?!

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We sent out a survey and asked teachers what gifts they REALLY want because we don’t know what we would DO without the amazing teachers in our lives! We are excited to share their replies and some fun ideas for end of the year gifts! Here goes!

  • What she said: “Something meaningful and fun. I love reading and coloring and my kids know that, so if they give me something that they know I’d love doing, it means the most.”
  • What we said: “We got your PACK! We collaborated with Art to the Extreme and are selling these amazing crayons in the shop with kind messages that teachers love!”

Coloring Kind Crayon Pack




Color your world with positivity!

  • What she said: “A gift card (Amazon, Target, Nordstrom, Anthro, etc.) and a handwritten note”
  • What we said: “YES. Gift cards are our favorite. And a handwritten note with a heartfelt message usually means more than said gift card! We are partial to EVERYKIND gift cards, but you can buy any gift card online!




EVERYKIND gift cards suit every kind of teacher 😉

  • What he said: “I am a quirky nerd, so I like quirky, nerdy gifts. I’m good with gift cards, too. But. I cherish ties and socks.”
  • What we said: “WE LOVE different. And we love SOCKS, TOO! We find lots of fun ideas over at Uncommon Goods. Go take a peak! If your teacher is into quirky, unique things… they have what you need.”




They have socks and ties and books and games and more!

  • What she said: “A chin up tee!”
  • What we said: “YAY! (Hahahaha). We may be partial to our apparel, but we especially love this message for teachers to be able to wear because it is simple and applicable at school! What a great mindset for everybody to have when things don’t go their way. Chin up, buttercups! Dust yourself off and try again.”

Keep your chin up so you can be ready for what's coming!




Snag one in your favorite teacher’s size today!

  • What she said: “Something to encourage me to “splurge” on myself. I rarely spend money on myself, especially during the school year, so a gift card to somewhere or something to encourage me to do something for myself is always nice :)”
  • What we said: “A SPA day sounds PRETTY amazing. Maybe get other parents to pitch in and go all out! Or get her a gift card to her favorite mani/pedi salon! We also LOVE all of the products by our friend at Whole Love Organics… so you should go check out everything she is. If the teacher is a HE, go with a gift card and a suggestion based on them! Maybe… go see a movie or hit up top golf. On me!”




Pampering the safe way with Whole Love Organics is the best way!

  • What she said: “Coffee gift cards, flair pens, amazon gift cards, heartfelt notes from kids or parents.”
  • What we said: “YES. Yes. YES! We LOVE the flair pens ourselves, and we know how much we need our coffee, so the teachers must need loads more. And once again, a kind, thankful, thoughtful note is always the most meaningful.”




These are OUR personal favorite pens!

We noted that several of the suggestions given included a “handwritten note”, so we created a cute printable that you can print, fold, and give with your gift! Click on the image below to download for your favorite teacher!




There are no words that can adequately thank them, but it doesn’t ever hurt to try!

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