We’re All in This

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You are probably familiar with hearing things like… “at least we’re all in the same boat” since this Pandemic began. We know we are. But the truth is, even if we’re theoretically in the same boat, the waters are different for everyone. In fact, we’re all in very different boats when you think about it. Right now, everyone is battling things they might not be discussing or able to articulate. Some people are able to share their stories and help others put their “boat” into perspective. But no matter what boat we are in, and no matter the “storm”, we need to learn true empathy in times like this. It is all relative.


 In This Episode, You Will Learn How to be More Empathetic by… 


  • Taking judgement out of the situation. 
  • Trying to see things from other people’s perspective.
  • Don’t immediately try to fix someone’s problems
  • Just being there whether you can directly relate or not. 


Empathy helps build true, genuine connections! We believe that having empathy is the most important thing to have right now and going forward. We hope you enjoy our take on things!  



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