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Meet Rabbi Judy!

When Judy was only 16, her father was tragically murdered. The youngest of five, she became invested in spirituality, after life, and things that would help her make sense of the unthinkable loss that she and her family experienced. Fast forward to adulthood, Judy did her undergraduate work at the University of Arizona and received her Cantorial ordination, as well as a Master’s Degree, in Jewish Sacred Music from the Academy for Jewish Religion. After working as a Cantor at several traditional temples, Greenfeld established “Nachshon Minyan.” Several years after her ordination as a Cantor, she returned to the Seminary to become a Rabbi as well. Now, double ordained as both Rabbi and Cantor, she is a true pioneer in today’s Jewish world and we are so thrilled to have her on the show!

They call her the “Relationship Rabbi”

And we know why! She is full of light and love and so much wisdom. In order to have relationships, there will be disagreements. Judy has done so much exploring and research on relationships and how to take the good and the bad and make the best of them. We must embrace who we are in order to have healthy relationships. Oh and… we must learn how to FIGHT. Fairly!

Fighting Fair

One of Judy’s most-requested duties is to help in resolving family conflicts. Judy’s advice is simple and practical yet enlightening and helpful! Since what happens within the walls of our homes is some of the most important and difficult work we will ever do, we were excited to dive into the tips that has helped Judy help countless families. Regardless of your religion, these tips are beautiful and unifying. There’s LOTS more where these tips came from, so tune in to dig deeper into Judy’s amazing wisdom! Here are the 6 tips Judy goes in depth about on today’s episode! 

  1. Establish the team.
  2. Take Responsibility for Your Part
  3. Pause and Stop the Fight
  4. No Blaming! No Shaming!
  5. Make Sure Each Person is Heard Completely.
  6. Resolve, Then Apologize and Let It Go Completely

Regardless of Religion


We have discovered that learning is one of our favorite things to do and we are constantly growing and changing based on new learnings and questioning things we have learned in the past.  

Judy… thank you for teaching us new things that are relevant and powerful! You make us want to be a part of all that you offer!


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