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The events of this past week, and honestly our entire lives have been absolutely devastating. We want to use this podcast as a means to communicate how truly sad we both are with the current state of our country and by sharing with YOU that we know we can do better. We have to do better. Because if we don’t , then generation after generation to come will be going through the exact same thing we are today, and then we aren’t doing our jobs to the best of our abilities.

We love EVERY KIND here. Literally. And we need to educate ourselves. We need to listen and learn and not just listen to the version of the story told by a white man or the friend of a black woman. We need to listen to the stories and learn from the black, indigenous people of color.   

 We want to stand on the side of wanting to do better, knowing we can do better, and then doing better. This is a call to action that supports the theory that doing nothing is doing something wrong. We cannot say that we have no part in any of this, because we think to ourselves… but i believe in equality and “I’m nice to everyone and there’s no room for hate in my heart.” But we shouldn’t believe everything we think; especially in this case. If you’re not doing something: reading, educating yourself, following along with the people who are educated about this, and not taking a stand… you aren’t doing anything. And we are most certainly not doing enough. We can ALL  d o  b e t t e r. Join us.


DO BETTER apparel – In an effort to do better in any way we can, we will be donating proceeds from our “do better” collection to the NAACP

Here is a list of Books and Resources we are learning from, available wherever books are sold. We encourage you to support small black owned businesses if possible!

Instagram Accounts we admire and are learning from:

The Conscious Kid – Parenting and Education through a Critical Race Lens

Danielle Coke – 🎨 Faith • Justice • Optimism 

Morgan Harper Nichols – Daily reminders through art ☀️

brittany packnett cunningham – activist



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