Valentines with YOU in mind

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Anybody else out there scrambling for an idea for Valentines this year that 1) won’t break the bank, 2) won’t contribute to all the sugar highs that will be running around on Valentine’s Day, and 3) you can print from home and (pretty much) call it a day?

We are literally right there with you. And we got your back! We have four different options for you to choose from… so take a little scroll.

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Tape a crayon or a pencil to the back of this, let your kid sign their name and… voila!
*8 cards to a page (8.5×11)

Tape a cute bandaid to the back of this printable and call it a day! After the front gets a mini John Hancock 😉
*9 cards to a page (8.5×11)

Let your child color this book mark, punch a hole in the top, and loop a cute ribbon through it! Pretty (book) smart… eh?!
*8 cards to a page (8.5×11)

Grab a bunch of cute, cheap sunglasses at the Dollar Store or wherever is convenient, and slap this on one of the lenses! Work your magic and let the sunglasses do the rest.

*9 cards to a page (8.5×11)


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