There’s No Way Around It – Emily Akin

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***We want to take a moment and let you know that this episode contains real talk about suicide. If you or someone you know may be triggered by this episode or needs to talk to someone, please seek out help. The national suicide prevention hotline is 800-273-8255.***

Meet Emily.

(And Her Sweet Angel Pumpkin Buttercup Pup, Mango!)

One of the best parts of our job is hearing and learning from people and their stories. We have so much admiration for everyone who has the courage to help others with their stories and today’s guest is no different. We are in awe of her willingness to smile and spread positivity after going through the tragic loss of her husband Sean. The way he died will not define him or the beautiful life he lived, thanks to her everlasting love.

How Do We Define a Life?

Just 3 months after Emily married the love of her life, Sean ended his life. We wanted to share our two favorite “takeaways” from this episode with you right here. The first being these invaluable words: “The last moments of someone’s life don’t have to define them.” Sean lived a big, loving, fun, funny, beautiful life. It was all of the moments, big and small, from his birth to his death that made up who he was as a person. All of his virtues, his best traits, and his flaws outweigh how his life ended. The last moments will not define who he is to Emily, his family, her family, or their loved ones. We couldn’t love that more.

There’s no way around besides right through it.

Emily got a card in the mail with these words on it, and even though it wasn’t signed and she’s still not sure who sent it, it helped her through those early days more than she could explain. Talking with Emily helped us both in more ways that WE could explain. This beautiful girl whose brand new life ended before it really began, has chosen to live her life in Sean’s honor. 

Thank you, Emily.

For sharing your heart with us and all of our listeners. For those of you who are inspired by those who go through the worst thing and make as beautiful a life as they can, this episode is for YOU. Tune in and be inspired!

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