The Best Bits and Pieces – Tyler Decker

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alwayOn this episode CS interviews her baby cousin, Tyler. Tyler is 23 now, but as a teenager, he experienced more tragedies than most people or anyone will in their lifetime. In July 2014, when Tyler was just (17) he lost his brother Zach to a drug overdose, his cousin Shannon (CS’s sister) to a murder/suicide, and just one month later, Tyler lost his friend to suicide. 5 years after those losses, he lost his brother’s best friend, who was his friend turned big brother figure, too. That is A LOT for anyone to handle, let alone a young adult. But Tyler is strong, and he has some secrets to share about where he finds his strength from.

Tyler has taken bits and pieces of how the people he has lost have cared about people, and their attitudes and way of looking at things, and morphed these things into how he wants to be in his life. He has acquired parts of them that have allowed him to carry them in his heart and also helped him become the best version of himself.

In this Episode Tyler will inspire you to…

  • Find strength you never knew you had that will help you get through the toughest of times
  • Look for things that light your “fire” and bring you peace and comfort
  • Understand that everything that happens to you happens to teach you something, force you to look at things in a different way, and be grateful for the journey
  • And so much more. Tune in and be inspired!


Here are Tyler and Zachary. Just 4 years apart, they were always more than brothers. They were buddies from the start. 

Here is a picture of Tyler, Zachary, and their cousin Shannon (CS’s sister) at one of their other cousin’s weddings. Shannon posted this photo as her Facebook wallpaper the day that she died, just one week after Zachary died.

Below is Tyler on the sidelines of a high school Rugby game with his good friend, Dobbs.

And last, but certainly not least, here is Tyler visiting his brother Zachary, with David. Zachary is buried with his grandparents and aunt… and that brings the whole family comfort!

Thank you, Tyler, for sharing your inner most thoughts and giving our listeners the opportunity to not take things for granted. You really are a SHINING STAR! xoxo



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