The 6 Best Lessons 6 Years Taught Us

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On this super special edition of You Fit Here, C + C celebrate EVERYKIND’s 6th birthday and talk about the 6 best lessons that the last 6 years have taught them. Tune in to listen and learn about how they turned a hobby into a full time job, just the two of them! They elaborate on the following 6 lessons that have successfully gotten them from 2014 to 2020, with lots of room to grow. 

Lesson 1: If you want it… you’re going to have to work your you know what off to get it 

Lesson 2: Be willing to never stop learning 

Lesson 3: To get to the top, you need to find your people 

Lesson 4: Nothing comes from nothing. You have to take care of yourself to grow, change and continually become a better version of yourself 

Lesson 5. Communicate always in all ways. Remember that clear is kind!

Lesson 6Kindness always truly wins

Without you, Colleen and Colleen are certain that these 6 lessons wouldn’t have been worth learning. This episode is dedicated to YOU!


Below is the doodle that CS created for their cornerstone business quote by Theodore Roosevelt: “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” Can you see what creeped CB out at first glance!? 






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