Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

We Are All Different

We talk about this all the time. Everybody is different, and different is normal. This amazing fact lends to today’s topic because since we are all different and we all have unique things to contribute, it should be easy to adopt a positive teamwork mentality.

What Makes a Team Successful?

A successful team needs a diverse pool of talent, energy, experience AND a kickass leader. Whether at home in your own family, at work, in school, on a sports team, in a club, or as a friend/parent, etc., we should all consider being a team player!.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

 It has been said that a team is only ever as strong as its weakest member, and we believe this to be 100% true. Everybody has something to contribute that no one else does on every type of team! The most common team is a sports team, but these beliefs can be applied in every aspect of our lives!

Teamwork At Home

As parents, part of what we hope to do is form a “team” under the roof of our homes. We want to have a positive impact on our kids, their feelings and their relationships. One way we can do this is by treating every member of the team with respect. Everything begins at home, and with the right mindset, we are sure to help our loved ones become the best teammates this side of the Mississippi!

Teamwork At Work

As two female business owners and mothers, we are constantly trying to improve our EVERYKIND team. Over the course of the past 6.5 years we have relied on getting to know each other to build what we have built and get where we are now. We are proud of that! We build on each other’s strengths and fill in for each other’s weaknesses. We pledge to continue to improve personally and professionally, and that is the name of the teamwork game.

Tune in Now!

We hope you’ll tune in to today’s show and learn more about why we should all work hard to form teams, strengthen them, and be thankful for them. Thanks so much for following along! As a team of kindness spreaders, we couldn’t do this without YOU!







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