Take the Stairs

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Take the stairs. We mean this figuratively of course. But then again if you are physically able and working on a fitness goal then go on with your good self and take the stairs literally.

So what are ‘the stairs’? Well, we believe the stairs are the stepping stones to who you want to be, what you want to accomplish, the things you need to overcome, etc. The stairs are filled with obstacles, triumphs, hard work & perseverance and we think they apply to all areas of our lives. This idea started one day when CS and I were having one of our 2.5hr conversations about life and our business. We were discussing growth and she mentioned the word luck in some phrase and I instantly responded, “there is no such thing as luck”. I probably even came off a bit aggressive about it. Where did that come from?

Well, I grew up in a house of hard workers. My parents are still to this day two of the hardest working people I know. There is no job they are too good for and they would do anything to provide a life for their family that they’re proud of. They instilled a work ethic in my sister and I that had us selling Tupperware at a mall kiosk when we were what felt like babies and you know what? We were really freaking good at it. We worked our way through high school and college and while some days envied others who didn’t have bills to pay, knew we were better off for it. Hard work is something I have always been surrounded by. I love to be surrounded by it and I choose to be surrounded by it.

My husband is a work horse. I don’t even know what else to call it. He chose to spend his 20’s building a company rather than going out with friends and enjoying his youth. He sacrificed SO MUCH for his/our future and is a shining example that there is no easy path or person to hold your hand and do it for you. He’s resilient & relentless when it comes to business.

My sister is the best mom. She advocates for her children like no other and knows that investing in her kid’s future means teaching lessons and not taking the easy way out. She is constantly looking inward and learning so that her kids can grow up to be awesome little humans.

My friend is the definition of FIT! She has worked her booty off training, eating right, setting goals and crushing them. She knows that there is no magic trick to get to where she wants to be, there is only determination and willpower.

My business partner is living with grief one kind act at a time. She is perspective, hope and faith all bundled up into a cheerful, smiling, kind person who is constantly aching on the inside.

I am a work-at-home mom who is working my way through anxiety while burning myself at both ends because I don’t want to miss any opportunities. I don’t want to miss my kids’ class parties, watching my dancers shine or a chance to grow our company to its fullest potential. I pour my heart into everything I do and end up crying and writing blogs about it.

So back to our conversation, there’s no such thing as luck. I believe in happy coincidences, but I don’t think they bring the rewards that hard work does. I don’t think anyone should waste their time waiting for “luck” to come knocking at their door. I believe if you want something you need to work for it. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. Nothing about taking the stairs is easy, but the best part about taking the stairs is when you get to the top of the stairs, or even one stair up, you can turn around and reflect on how far you’ve come and have YOU and only you to thank. You can fall back down, but know you’ve gotten up before and can do it again getting better and better with every step.

When we reflected on our business over the last 4+ years it truly was like turning around and documenting everything that has happened one stair at a time. The loss of many loved ones, two miscarriages, two new babies, new homes, making new friends, creating campaigns, speaking engagements, crying and laughing with customers, reading stories and forever being changed by them, learning and growing from our successes and failures and feeling so proud of it all. We took a moment to smile, pat each other on the back and then turned right around to see a lot more stairs. If we keep learning and growing there is no stopping what we can do so I guess I hope we never really get to the top. The stairs may be different for everyone, but one thing they are not is a shortcut, a quick fix, an easy way out, or fast pass to the finish line. So take the stairs. You’ll be glad you did.

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