Taco Tuesday Eve

by | Nov 7, 2019 | A Case of the Mondays | 0 comments

Happy Taco Tuesday Eve!

Who doesn’t love tacos? I mean, even dragons love tacos! 😉 Our quote talks about removing the negativity from your life and dang we couldn’t agree more. How easy is it to be negative? Really think about it. I could think of at least 10 things to complain about right this moment. I’m hungry, my hair looks awful, my computer is moving at a snail’s pace, my children are being so loud in the other room, the delivery driver left my package on the back step to be soaked in the rain vs. the front door, etc.

Seriously, it is SO easy. And when you are negative it attracts other negativity like flies on you know what. The second you start complaining, how quickly does a friend or person in the checkout line jump on board the negativity train. CHOO CHOO to negative town. Hence why the phrase “misery loves company” is SO true. It is so much harder to be positive because we have conditioned our minds to think this way.

How often do we answer the question, “How are you?” with “I’m so tired.” “I’m okay…” when really we’re not THAT tired and we’re actually doing pretty dang good! Why do we jump to the negative? It’s time to train our minds to be a little more positive. How about “joy loves company” instead? Find something to be positive about and we can attract more positivity!

So today can still be Taco Tuesday Eve, because I love anticipating a good meal, NOT because we are removing the negative connotation it gives to Monday!

Happy Monday/Taco Tuesday Eve!


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