Stop Limiting Yourself – Jen Esquer

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On this episode CB interviews Jen Esquer, PT, DPT, otherwise and possibly more widely known as the incredible @docjenfit on social media! Jen is the creator of the Mobility Method and the Optimal Body, and co-hosts The Optimal Body Podcast. In spite of the discovery that she has scoliosis, Jen has never stopped performing her at her very best. Her mission is to help those who are willing to listen to their body, reverse aging, eliminate pain and establish sustainable health. Ranked one of the best fitness trainers on IG by Shape Magazine hosts the Optimal Body Podcast, Jen has been in countless magazines, and was recently on the cover of Oxygen Magazine! We couldn’t be more excited to capture her wisdom in this interview, and invite you to learn how to stop limiting yourself so that you, too, can perform at your personal best, in life and otherwise!

Jen does what she does with contagious passion, and we are so excited for you to hear what she has to say in this episode. We both rely on her generosity to get us through tough, sore, or painful times, and to be able to introduce her to all of you brings us so much joy. 

In this Episode Jen will inspire you to…

  • Believe in your body as CAPABLE
  • Look for proof outside of yourself that what seems impossible is indeed possible
  • Shift the beliefs you have that limit your true potential
  • take BABY steps. We believe in this! Little by little… that’s how big changes are made!
  • Set intentions for yourself. And tell yourself that you CAN do what you think you can’t! That’s the beginning of everything!
  • Tune in and be inspired!

We are so thankful for the gift of Jen’s time, and all that she shared with us on this episode. We feel so blessed to be able to share this with you… and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Follow Jen on IG: @docjenfit (you won’t regret it!)


Here is Jen on the cover of Oxygen Magazine. She is so beautiful, inside and out! 

Jen got engaged this year to an amazing man named Dominec, and we could not be happier for her. They exude joy we all strive to feel as a couple, and we are so happy they found each other! Read her engagement announcement on IG here!

Jen’s instagram is a grab bag of everything you could ever need to feed your body mentally, physically and otherwise. If you like virtual rays of sunshine… follow her NOW!





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