Retired Schmatired…

by | Jan 13, 2020 | A Case of the Mondays | 0 comments

Okay okay … hardy harr harr! But really, Mondays aren’t just for the retired guys! Find your meaning in Monday and it will be what you make it! What is your meaning? A time to earn a living, a day to spend with your children, another chance to start over. Whatever meaning you give it will make it a day you will surely look forward to! Also, who says Mondays can’t be filled with all your favorite things? A few of mine are The Bachelor, a good workout, I mean…who knows! The day is my oyster! 😉 

We get by with a little help from our favorite things.

One thing we couldn’t Monday without…

Peter. Yeah. I know, but you know what, this show makes my Mondays awesome! #noshameinmybachelorgame

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We started recording our conversations.

Mondays get an undeserved bad rep. 

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