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With everything happening in our world we have had these wake up calls nonstop, but we have continued to hit snooze. We are all so guilty of this. We feel something, are ignited to do something and then settle back into our own lives until it happens again. And again. We keep hitting snooze on life and on the things happening in our world. We tend to overlook that racism is alive and ongoing in our country. We have put off educating ourselves and making changes for ourselves and our future.  We need to change our habits and stop hitting SNOOZE!

In this Episode we talked about…

  • How APPLIED knowledge is power.
  • Procrastination. Why we procrastinate. Why we shouldn’t. How not to!
  • Why you should put first things first. 
  • How you shouldn’t put off until tomorrow what could and probably should get done today.
  • Asking yourself: “Will this help you or hurt you?” And proceed according to the answer.
  • The simple truth that tomorrow isn’t promised.

Some of us thrive off of procrastination. Some people can handle the stress that it brings on and work better and harder under pressure. But we aren’t in college anymore. And since we have this awesome ability to shift our perspective and do life the way we want, we thought it would be fun to talk about why we shouldn’t put things off until tomorrow… IF we are ABLE. Life is better if we stop hitting snooze, learn, listen, and then apply knowledge to life circumstances and experiences. We invite you to join us to hit the “update now” button on your life!



We might have mentioned…

This episode of Debra Messing’s new podcast, “The Dissenters” is off the hook. Tune in and see if you agree!


This book is a GREAT place to start if you’re ready to listen, learn, and apply knowledge to the world we are living in!




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