there is a time and a place for kindness. always and everywhere.

Because t-shirts allow us to be walking billboards, we should be wearing positive, kindness-spreading designs on them. What are you waiting for?!

Kids are empowered by what they hear, learn and see every single day. Let’s talk to them about kindness, and let them spread it, too!

Words can have such an impact. We believe that we should purposefully put positive ones in front of us as often as possible!


we’re colleen & colleen!

Ours is a classic love story. It began in the spring of 2012 when we met online (seriously), bonding over having the same name and our shared love for exclamation points (!!!)! Our instant connection quickly grew into friendship at exactly the right time. 

In the summer of 2014, EVERYKIND® (formerly known as MAMA SAID TEES) was created; rooted in our passion to spread kindness. We had never even met in person, but we relied on blind faith and a mutual belief that we could make the world a better place to kick off our little company that would. 

By being a part of our mission, you’ll receive more than comfy t-shirts and accessories; you’ll experience the ability to change your perspective and make kindness a daily part of your life.

Want a weekly dose of real life stories, motivating insights & helpful tips that will inspire you to live a kinder, happier life? 

Our one on one conversations have such an impact on our lives personally, we decided that we should take our private chats public. We aren’t doing everything we can to make the world better if we aren’t sharing all of our learned wisdom, insights and tips with everyone we possibly can. This podcast is for YOU!

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A Little Heart to Heart

A Little Heart to Heart

How To Wreck Your Mood: Make assumptions, that's how. When we make assumptions, we tell ourselves that something is true without any real evidence that it is. And the worst part? We believe it.   Why are assumptions harmful?  Well for starters, they aren’t technically...

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To Fear or Not To Fear

To Fear or Not To Fear

On one hand... ...fear holds us back from doing so many things that we would really love to do. On the other hand, there’s something to be said for being smart and thinking things through and feeling scared, but really just being rational. So how do we know when to...

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We want to share GOOD, happy news with our EVERYKIND family as often as possible. We can’t think of a better way of connecting people than sharing stories that will bring people closer together! Tell us something good below!

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