Mondays are just another day to…

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We can think of a gazillion reasons why we love Mondays, but we have also been on the other side of those reasons. So because we have discovered how much better life IS when you look at Mondays as a positive, we are on yet another mission to help you love them as much as we do. They may be hard, but they also give you one more day to be kind and spread kindness and make the world better. Watch our super short #acaseofthemondays video to hear a little more!




We get by with a little help from our favorite things.


One thing we couldn’t Monday without… 


Since I have seen it dozens of times, it is a show I can have on in the background to help motivate me and make me laugh (and sometimes cry). If you can’t have it on in the background, you could at least grab yourself a mug JUST like Michael Scotts! There’s nothing that can cheer you up more than a good old gift from Spencers that you buy for YOURSELF. Or, in this case, the NBC fan merch shop. xox CS


We are 2 Colleens who share a passion to make the world a kinder place. We’re so happy you’re here!

We started recording our conversations.

Mondays get an undeserved bad rep. 

There’s always a lot more behind our messages.

We really like to make people smile.

The not so secret to a happy, successful, fulfilling life is the simple truth that kindness changes everything. Follow along and join us in spreading kindness every single day. Practice makes kinder!