Light In The Darkness – Michelle Corrao

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Meet Michelle


Michelle speaks to audiences of influencers, first responders, medical professionals, military and law enforcement personnel, faith communities, and a broad scope of conferences and events aimed at creating stronger, safer communities. She just released her first book, FOUND: Triumph Over Fear with Grace and Gratitude, which I read cover to cover in a day.

Can You Imagine?

Michelle never aspired to be the subject of the Top Story on the evening news, but her abduction was the final crime in a string of assaults on women in Central Indiana in 1996. Michelle was abducted, violently assaulted and hidden in the trunk of her own car. Can you even imagine? By the grace of God Michelle was found by an off-duty police officer and given a second chance at life.


More than twenty years after the assault, she shares her story within Found, a gripping autobiography detailing her unexpected journey from the worst moments of her life to moments when she truly believed life couldn’t get any better. Throughout Found, Michelle vulnerably documents her story as a source of hope for other survivors and their families, and as a compelling resource for anyone who longs to live more trauma informed. Her compassion, gratitude, and empathy light the way for all who want to make the world a safer, kinder place.


Michelle talks a lot about kindness in her beautiful book. With kindness, time and attention, we can really change the world. She learned over the course of her life how important the smallest act of kindness truly is. “Everybody’s walking around with a story,” she shared with us, and we should be thinking about how we help everybody on our path.

Hope Was Not In Her Vocabulary

But hope is love. God is using Michelle in this way. Michelle shares her story so that others might understand what is possible. She could not have predicted the horror she would face as a result of the attack, nor could she have predicted the beautiful life that was able to grow out of the ugliest circumstances imaginable. 

Blessed To Be a Blessing…

There’s a lot more where this came from, so make sure you grab a copy of FOUND to be even more inspired. But if we could all take even the smallest crummy things that happen to us and use them to learn, grow, get better and do good in the world, then we would all be so much better off. Hats off to our hero and friend Michelle. You are a true blessing!


Get it. Read it. Let your life be changed because of it. There is beauty in Michelle’s pain, and it will radiate off of everyone who reads her story! Click on the photo now! (Sorry to be so bossy. It’s just that you won’t regret it)


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