Lessons From Lasso

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What the world REALLY needs… 

is for every human on the planet to watch Ted Lasso


We absolutely insist

that you find a way, whatever it takes, to watch Ted Lasso on Apple TV. Some of you may feel a little nervous about that, because you don’t have Apple TV or know what it is or where to get one. But where there’s a Ted, there’s a way. And you’re gonna need to go ahead and figure it out, because just like Ted, we have a real tricky time hearing folks that don’t believe in themselves (and their abilities to figure stuff out!).


But I don’t have time right now. 

Listen. We understand that everbody is different. Some people watch TV. Some people don’t. But we would love to encourage you to un-busy yourself for just 34ish minutes a night and allow for this show to seep into your soul so you can fall asleep feeling hopeful and wake up believing in yourself.  Ted Lasso will change the way you look at TV forever, and maybe even your life. It’s a great story line. It’s super cleverly written. It’s super funny. It’s a little sad. And it’s the FEEL GOOD REAL GOOD show for the ages.  Mark our words. 5 stars.


Learn from Lasso 

Why wouldn’t you? We dare you to watch this show and try to NOT learn something new or amazing or hilarious. And while you’re at it, we recommend that you look for the following themes when you finally watch this incredible program.

1) Tell people you appreciate them.

2) Don’t let other people’s negativity change who you are.  

3) Stop DEhumanizing. 

4) Let your feelings control YOU.

5) Apologize when you do something wrong.

6) Breathe!

7) Never treat people less than you.

8) Care deeply. 

9) Stay curious, not judgemental.

10) Believe.

And that is all we wrote. For now. Tune in to this episode so we can gab all about our good buddy, Ted!




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