Leave It Better Than You Found It

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Today we want to talk about a positive, super healthy, productive, bettering yourself and your life attitude that we are hoping all of you will adopt! That being… 

Leave It Better Than You Found it 

Let’s imagine that we all decided to adopt this attitude. If we all left things, experiences, people, events, etc. better than we found them… how big of a difference would we be making for our lives, our futures and the future of the world? The answer is a: BIG. POSITIVE. ONE.

We decided to slap this design on some tees before the bats did their thing and turned the world upside down. The timing is obviously perfect. Let’s talk about what “it” is: 

IT could be… your bed. How can you leave it better than you found it? You can wake up. Be grateful that you woke up, and you can make it! Better yet… you can occasionally/consistently/wash your sheets and bedding and even put pretty pillows on it. Sometimes. 

IT could be… a relationship. No matter where you are in the relationship, the next moment you invest into it could be something that leaves the other person feeling loved, understood, cared for… or it could build trust and make the relationship stronger.

IT could be… an encounter. Can you use some manners to improve the quality of said encounter? Could you compliment a stranger? Could you walk away from someone knowing for certain that what you did or said made a positive impact on their day?

IT could be… your body. What you do for it. What you put into it.

IT could be… your home.

IT could be… the earth! 

IT could be… a total disaster. For instance… maybe you tell yourself… I want to knock my family’s socks off and deliver on dinner tonight. So you try to make a delicious meal and it turns out to be total crap stew. The important thing to decide is… did you try YOUR BEST? Did you learn from it? Can you do better next time and leave your cooking skills better than they are now? Well… then that is what matters. 

When you leave things better than you found them, they turn to gold. So basically… by doing good whenever possible, you will become richer. Like… the value of your life will increase GOLD fold. (LOL, right?!)

Let’s leave it to a woman who couldn’t see or hear to uncover the biggest life changing truth bomb of all time: Hellen Keller once said: “I am only one, but I still am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”  

Let’s talk about a hurdle that might keep us from believing in ourselves for long enough that this mindset is possible:

Q: Like… i have been eating like garbage lately, but what’s one more bad meal? 

A: It’s one more bad meal you are feeding yourself. It’s bad. You can do better for yourself. Every morsel counts.

(Side note: everyone deserves a break and to let go if they want to. We are 100% game for that and this is a no judgement zone!

The coolest thing about leaving things better than you found them is that YOU will reap the rewards that you sow. You do not have to wonder how your efforts will help future generations, though hopefully they will! You can just enjoy the satisfaction and happiness that your deliberate efforts of folding the blankets and putting the pillows back onto the couch bring the next time you walk into the room. You can acknowledge the deep breath you are able to take because you cleared your desk off last night. You can feel better about saying something that you really wish you hadn’t said if you walk back to the person you said it to and sincerely apologize. “IT” can be something so easy and simple and maybe silly. But when you add all the little, easy, simple, silly things up…. The results are BIG and rewarding and fulfilling and joy-filled!!!!

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