Kindness is Golden – Macy Gilson

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Meet Macy.

Macy Gilson speech language pathologist, disability advocate and children’s author. She lives in Ft. Worth Texas with her darling husband, Brandon, and adorable black lab puppy, Miller!  By way of her job and career, Macy has cultivated a passion for not only treating people’s impairments, but sharing their stories. She is someone who comes to mind when you hear “go the extra mile”, and we are so honored to have her on the show!

In Her Own Words…

“I believe the truest, deepest, most supportive communities are found with those who are willing to be vulnerable.”

To Macy, it doesn’t matter if she is able to help a kid with their “S” sound if they don’t get invited to a birthday party. As she has helped countless people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and disabilities over the course of her career, she has gotten to know them on a deeper level and cares greatly about them as human beings. And so Macy discovered her calling by sharing stories told by vulnerable people who wish to be heard, seen, understood and loved. She uses her platform to share stories that raise interest and awareness about important things. She’s kind of amazing.

Kindness is Golden

Macy recently had her first Children’s Book, “Kindness is Golden” published. It is the first in a series of books that promotes inclusivity and kindness in a classroom full of all different types of kids, and we cannot wait to see what’s next! The book is a beautiful exploration of differences without being blatant about them, and encourages problem solving and gets kids thinking how they would handle a certain situation that might cause someone to be left out. As moms with little kids, we of course rate this book FIVE STARS, and hope you will all add it to your collections!

Tune In & Learn More!

This episode is jam packed with amazing insight about how to turn what you do into something you love by opening your heart to the world around you. Macy also walked us through ways to talk to your kids about disabilities, and we believe everyone in the world should hear her thoughts and ideas on this topic! Furthermore, Macy is a good person. She has a beautiful heart and makes you want to do better; be better. Don’t miss out on this one!

Thank you, Macy.

For sharing your story, for being vulnerable yourself, and for hearing your call to be Disability + Inclusion Advocate. You are simply lovely, inside and out.


Go! Follow Macy. you too can be a Disability + Inclusion Advocate with the right tools, the proper mindset, and an open heart.


buy her book! (it’s GOLDEN 🙂



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