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…and I’m on day 21 of living that social distancing, shelter-in-place life.  And, well, I’m not a blogger or an “influencer” – I’m just a normal mom trying to raise good, kind people.  BUT, CB asked me to write a little something for the blog and I love EVERYKIND so much I’ll do whatever they say!!

So, after three full weeks of being home with my family 24/7 (like actually 24/7), here is what I think.  I can’t deny that there are so many BUMMERS that come with this situation: the fear of someone getting sick, missing our family and friends, and almost everything being cancelled. (And, of course, this doesn’t even mention the more serious, life or death situations happening way too much every day.)  BUT, if I shift my perspective and try to see the good in this moment, there really is a lot of it: 

  • We are enjoying a slower pace (I don’t miss the rush out the door in the mornings at all)
  • I have the opportunity to show off my teacher skills and help my daughter with Kindergarten
  • My kids have time to really play with each other without being interrupted
  • Tiger King (need I say more?)
  • My kids get to experience persevering through setbacks, disappointment, and a tricky time. I have seen so much growth in their resilience and independence over the last three weeks.
  • A new appreciation for the privileges I have always taken for granted
  • A feeling of unity with our local and global community
  • And a real opportunity to be intentional each day about how we can show kindness

What people are doing right now is truly an act of kindness.  An act of love.  So, in this moment, I want my family to focus on that and put even more kindness out into the world.  To help everyone in my house be intentional about this, I made us a little “Kindness At Home” choice board.  (Our goal is to make a tic-tac-toe each day!)  My hope is that it helps my kids feel more connected to what’s good and I hope it will do the same for your family. 

Through this entire experience, it feels as though we have truly come together by way of staying apart.  And while the staying apart piece can seem like such a bummer, to me, it also feels like the biggest act of kindness our world has ever seen.



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