Keep Kind Company

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We Don’t Have To Tell You…

That life is short.

And because life is short, we shouldn’t waste it spending time with anybody who sucks the energy from us or makes it less enjoyable. We should spend time with those who inspire us and encourage us and make us happy. It might be time to ask ourselves the following: Does the company that I keep inspire me to be what I need to be, who I am trying to become, and the best version of myself? If the answer is no… 🤷🏼‍♀️⠀⠀

Time For A “Company” Inventory

Think about what value each person brings to your life. The same way you clean out your closet by asking if this item “sparks joy” or not, people either spark joy or they don’t. If there are people in your life who leave you feeling down or pressured or just not like yourself, then maybe it’s time to think on what it is that keeps you coming back to that relationship.  Some, (if not MANY) relationships are worth working on and fighting for. Sometimes it just takes some space, or a clear and kind conversation. But it’s worth it to think about it! And take the time to evaluate how to move forward. 

Listen, Friends

 The thing is… we don’t want to turn this into anything sad or gloomy. But the truth is, the company we keep matters. We are really only as good as the company we surround ourselves with. It is noble to try to change hearts of others, and we are NOT discouraging those efforts. But… some people cannot be changed. And that’s not on you! But the people you allow to be in your life is. So choose wisely! And tune in for more thoughts on this super important topic. We have a lot to say 😉

Grab some apparel that will keep you comfy and remind you that the company you choose will rub off on you!



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