Just Roll With It – Jeffrey and Alli Feinstein

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In The Blink Of An Eye

Ever heard the phrase “and just like that, everything changed in the blink of an eye,” or something pretty similar? Well, we are pumped for you to meet our guest on today’s show because his story will make you think twice and maybe even three times about how quickly your life could change, with one incorrect movement during an ordinary moment in time.

Meet Jeff!

Husband to Alli (who you all know from a few episodes back!), father of 3, and all round great guy. His story is jam packed with amazing lessons and tons of inspiration. Read on!

Life Goes On… With Love

Jeff sustained a devastating neck and spinal cord injury in Mexico after “diving” into a swimming pool on the first day of vacation with his amazing wife and friends in October of 2018. He didn’t hit the bottom of the pool. He hit the water. Incorrectly. And just like that, everything changed. He has had to adapt and learn and keep rolling right along, and he has a lot of people to thank, with the love surrounding him at the center of his unbelievable progress. Tune in to be inspired and learn a thing or two about life! You won’t be disappointed. 

Thank you guys both so much for sharing your time and story with us. We are forever impacted by your love for one another! And to any of you who want to do SOMETHING after tuning in today but don’t know WHAT, here’s what! Read about the amazing foundation these two started and get involved! 

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Alli and Jeffrey Feinstein have created this fundraising event to provide active gear and assistive technology equipment to spinal cord injury patients at TIRR Memorial Hermann, through the TIRR Foundation. These adaptive technologies enhanced Jeffrey’s ability to get back to work quicker, assisted in holding/grasping hand weights and workout equipment easier, and have supported him in using a manual chair. These products impact patients’ everyday lives, both at home and the work place, however there is a significant cost barrier. Their goal is to bring these product to more kids and adults living with SCI, and give them a much fuller sense of life. 

In the first Walk & Roll for SCI event in 2019, we were able to raise over $100,000 for the TIRR Foundation, including a assistive technology scholarships available at the TIRR Memorial Hermann Kirby Glen Assistive Technology and Upper Extremity NeuroRecovery Lab, for those in need; we also gifted 10 iPads to TIRR so that patients who are at high risk for COVID and unable to see family, are able to communicate regularly via FaceTime. In 2020, we are putting fundraising efforts on hold, and focusing on celebrating the SCI community, but will be re-focus on a robust fundraise in 2021.



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