Joy Loves Company, Too

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Podcast | 0 comments

Let’s face it … that is without touching your face. Times are rough right now. Everything feels unsettled and weary and every article you read makes you want to hyperventilate or cry. Well we feel like we’ve been preparing for this for a while now; actually since the birth of our company. Our goal was to inspire the world to be kind, gain perspective and choose joy and so that is exactly what we’ll do now!

In the word’s of Olaf, “This is what we call controlling what you can when things feel out of control!”

So how can we flip this and leave a lasting impact on each other, ourselves and our families?

-Unite us with a common “enemy” – Meaning we can collectively experience this pain and moments of joy together. We can use this as a moment in history where we stopped debating each other and rather stood strong with each other.

-A quick lesson in perspective – Are you healthy right now? Are you actually okay? Are you thanking your children’s teachers? How can we look at things differently through this?

-Give us time to reflect and think – We are always complaining about not having enough time. Well now you’ve got plenty of it. Use this to think and listen to yourself. Reflect and do a little introspection

-Give us a new appreciation for those around us – We’ve been seeing memes about JOMO (joy of missing out) for a while now so perhaps being forced to be distanced will give us more of an appreciation for that social connection we have with one another

-Help us set or accomplish a goal we’ve been putting off forever – Whether that’s working out, cleaning out closets, reading more, learning a different language. Now is the time to take the steps towards that goal you’ve been wanting to achieve!

-Teach us what we don’t REALLY need in life – Do you really NEED that daily Starbucks or just want it?

-Remind us how to take care of one another vs. being selfish – We have a social responsibility to each other to look out for one another (from a distance)! So do your part!

-Remind us how fragile life can be – There are people who won’t come out of this. So let’s remind ourselves of our own mortality and REALLY start living!

-Let us connect more with our children/family – When is the last time we had uninterrupted quality time together to talk and know one another? Use this to your advantage to make this a memory that was maybe scary and uncomfortable, but something that brought you together closer.

-Show us how capable we really are!

-Give is time to just be and relax!

-Catch up on good content like books, movies, podcasts!

-Get creative and use that creativity!

It’s our time to choose joy and make the most of this awful time. Use hashtag #joylovescompanytoo on posts of what you are doing and tag us @youfithere and @everykindco on Instagram. We will pop in with surprises here and there!




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