It’s Time to Reevaluate

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2020 has been, for many, the hardest most challenging year yet. It has also been a significant year of importance because it has given us so many opportunities to learn, change, grow, and be better versions of ourselves. C+C have learned to embrace what is hard and what challenges them and used what they have learned from overcoming tough things, and come out on top! In this episode of You Fit Here, they will encourage you to do the same, and then… reevaluate your life! There’s no time like the present. Ride out the rest of this uncertain, scary, bully of a year stronger than ever!

C+C will (philisophically, of course) take you through ways you can and should reevaluate your life, and these are some of their favorite takeaways

  • We have to take time to reevaluate our priorities to have the happiest life that you can. There won’t always be happy times, but reevaluating what is important to you will help guide you through the hard, sad, unhappy times
  • We need to take a good, deep, hard look at how we are feeling in the unsteady moments, and understand how we are feeling to get us through
  • We should let this awful time teach us how we want to live our lives.  We tend to forget that no pain = no gain. We see failure and our instinct is to give up and just stay off course, instead of looking at failures as a learning experience that can put us back on the right path
  • Mistakes can be valuable assets. You never win: you either lose, or you LEARN
  • Uncertainty is ok. Questioning everything is what is right. We should never stop asking questions. If the answer isn’t available, that’s ok. That’s good. We need to allow ourselves the opportunities to fail, learn, and evaluate things for ourselves. Being uncertain gives us a chance to be more open. And that is something we should all strive to be!

Let’s continue to gain wisdom from life experiences, and remember what is important to us. What our values are. Who we want to be and how we want to be remembered. Until next time!!!


Here is a link to CB’s recent fave podcast episode! Jay Shetty with Ryan Holiday ON: How To Remain Calm When Others Panic & Practice Stillness Under High Stress Situations



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