It Never Gets Easier…

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Let’s start with one simple truth. In order to succeed at anything in life, there are always changes that have to be made. Things will get uncomfortable. And what we must do in order to get where we want to go, is to accept the change and adapt to feeling uncomfortable.

Let’s start with how this quote or mindset came to fruition… 

A few years before Shannon (CS’s siter) died in 2014, she found this quote on Pinterest and asked Colleen to make her a print. At the time, CS didn’t necessarily appreciate the quote as much as she does now, but she loved that Shannon had the mindset. She had decided to run her first ever 1/2 marathon and it was something to be really, really proud of. 

Some (most) things are just hard. As soon as we quit hoping that hard things are just magically easier, we can stop resisting change and complaining about the work that is required to do the hard things. You might not even realize that you are getting better at something that is hard, but if you give it your all and are consistent, you are improving. Everybody struggles with something at some point in their lives, and we decided to do a google search for some inspiration. 

Thanks to HUFFPOST we stumbled upon this kick butt list of wildly successful people who overcame HUGE obstacles to get there: 

*Bill Gates’ first business failed. 

*Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four years old. 

*Jim Carrey used to be homeless. 

*Benjamin Franklin dropped out of school at age ten. 

*Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before creating the lightbulb. 

*Jay-Z couldn’t get signed to any record labels. 

*Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime. 

*Charlize Theron witnessed her mother kill her father. 

*Steven Spielberg was rejected from USC, twice. 

 We LOOOOOVE success stories. Especially stories that started out as a really hard path. We should want for things to be hard. When things are easy, we lose our hunger and focus and intention to continually improve. 

Our favorite thing about this mantra is that you can apply it to literally anything in your life. When you start something that is NEW and different, it is usually hard, because change is usually hard. Anything that is worth having requires hard work, time and effort. But if you dive into something that scares you KNOWING that even though it might not get easier, but you will get BETTER handling/managing it, it will seem a lot less scary. 

It never gets easier, you just get better. 

It applies to so much. When we see this we can relate it to something physical, lile… running a marathon, training, working out, working hard, studying for a test, etc. 

It has applied to our business. And motherhood. Grief. Kindness. None of it is easy. If we could inspire people to adopt this motto and apply it to their lives, we feel like we would be doing the world a HUGE service. While we focus our efforts on spreading kindness and encouraging people to adopt kind habits, we are equally passionate about helping people live quality, happy lives. What does it matter if it’s hard? Where is the challenge if there’s nothing to overcome?  

We try to apply this to every aspect in our business and in our lives. If something is hard,  we don’t quit. We try harder. I still do the same amount of work, so it might not be technically easier, but it is sure less stressful. EVERYONE can afford to get better. No matter what.  

IT NEVER actually GETS EASIER. You just get better. If you want to. 

IF you want to really become the best version of yourself or improve some aspect of your life or even tackle something new, “it” will never really get easier, because the hard roads never end. We don’t want it to! Bottom line… old ways won’t open new, better doors. And there is an infinite amount of doors on life’s path. 

1. ENJOY THE PAIN – No pain. No gain. No rain. No flowers. Feel a change (physical, emotional or otherwise) and it hurts? That means you are changing and getting BETTER!

2. CELEBRATE LITTLE VICTORIES – We have talked about this before but we believe that all victories, big and small, should be celebrated, acknowledged, and learned from.

3. ACCEPT AND LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES – Sometimes mistakes are victories in disguise, but only when we are willing to learn and grow and change from them.

4. IT NEVER GETS EASIER. BUT… you don’t really want things to. You can’t get better unless the bar keeps raising itself.



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