It Comes and Goes in Waves

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It Comes and Goes in Waves

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The more we learn about all of you, and all of the people who have so bravely shared their stories with us over the years, the more we try to figure out the best way to help people. We know that every single person in this world has had good days, and bad ones. We know that many people have gone through really hard things, and we know that some people are just waiting for something bad to happen.  As humans, though no 2 people will ever go through the exact same thing, or experience the same experience the same way. But it doesn’t change the fact that we all face hard, challenging, stressful, and sometimes horrific or sad things. So whether we are dealing with work, the loss of a loved one, parenting, struggling, our personal lives, distractions, our own goals, etc, there is one very simple truth for all of us: it comes and goes in waves.

Here are 2 key things we have learned and value about the waves of life:

1) They say that when surfing, you shouldn’t resist the waves. Same goes for in life. If a wave is coming… it’s coming. You can be prepared, or you might not see anything coming. But resisting hard things makes it harder to grow through the pain and change. So… don’t resist. Sooner or later you will learn to catch certain waves. It’s all about timing and of course, practice. Practice makes better!

2) To avoid getting stuck in an undertow, swim parallel to the shore, out of the path of the current. Once you’re out of the current, you can swim back in to shore. The best thing you could do would be to identify the undertow… in the ocean, or in life. This way you can collect yourself (even in the chaos), and find your way back to safety. Safety is where you can rebuild your strength and better prepare yourself for the next time something like this happens. 

Man. There are just so many cool things about WAVES related to life! Heartbreak, Stress, Happiness even… these are things that come and go in waves. It’s normal to experience all these emotions and feelings as human beings. That’s what makes us so complex and amazing, but the combination of these feelings sometimes makes life seem hard to handle.

Just think of it like this: If we don’t experience sadness, we don’t know the true feeling of happiness. If we don’t experience misery, we won’t know what real joy is like. And grief. Grief is the price of love. And that love is something we would never want to return. So though our emotions, feelings and grief are uncomfortable and not fun to sit with, we can look at them like waves crashing down. “This too shall pass” over us eventually and give us the opportunity to see all the wonderful things on the other side. 

No matter what “it” is, it comes and goes in waves. Through the ups and downs and against the big waves, just remember that YOU matter. The only thing you can do when the waves come crashing is… Keep going. 

Our launch has us feeling all the feelings. We want to empower you all beyond the designs and the apparel, which is why we are SO grateful to be able to use this platform to record this and all of our episodes. There’s more where this all came from, folks! So scroll back up and tune in now!

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