Into the Unknown

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On this episode CS + CB talk about the takeaways that have impacted them the most over the course of the last month plus in the US, and the world. With an obligation to continue learning, discerning, listening, and then making the world around them better, they wanted to discuss how they can achieve that. 

As two white women of privilege, C+C know that in order to move forward, we must learn and unlearn a lot. Some key points we hope you take away from this episode are…

  • We need to talk to our kids before the world does. Having real conversations about the things we are learning doesn’t have to be scary. And it’s necessary!
  • We as humans tend to offload our pain and suffering on others and use them as punching bags instead of working through our own pain. We have to work through our own pain. It’s time. And it’s the only way we can help ourselves and others.
  • Speaking out in any way, shape or form requires a lot of courage. One fact history has taught us is that people who speak out… don’t last long. We have to open our minds and hearts more, guys!
  • The unknown is scary, because we fear what we do not understand or cannot see. But Frozen 2 has inspired us (again) to look at the unknown as something exciting and exhilarating. There’s part of us that longs to go… into the unknown.

Let’s continue to learn, listen, and love on this journey that may very well be the most important journey of our lives! We can do better… together.


Go and listen to THIS podcast. Every episode is amazing. 

If you missed last week’s episode… we really hope you will take the time to really and truly TUNE IN. We are so thankful to Jean for her openness and honesty. We learned so much… and we know that you will, too.



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