In My Wildest Dreams – Amanda Townsend

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Meet Amanda,

and her cutie pie husband, Pete. 

She Says It Best

Please allow us to share a post with you here that Amanda shared on Facebook. Dated October 30, 2019, her words will help you wrap your head around everything this amazing couple has gone through, and inspire you beyond YOUR wildest dreams. You will 100% have to tune in after reading this to find out what happened! 

My story isn’t all sunshine and glitter.

I didn’t have the perfect family and I didn’t grow up knowing what a stable marriage looked like. But I knew deep down that when I was older I would grow up and have an amazing marriage and together we would build a family of our own. I could imagine reading stories at bedtime, playing dress-up, having dance parties, and being the loudest and most proud mama on the sideline of a t-ball game. I got the amazing marriage (I love you Pete) but my diagnosis of endometriosis changed not just my story, but OUR story of becoming parents. 

In July we did our first IVF cycle.

We were told that this is our only shot and we might need to consider egg donors or adoption. Tough pill to swallow, but we were hopeful and I was blissfully optimistic. Unfortunately that cycle failed — we were left with nothing. I was devastated and it took a while to let my heart heal. 

People often ask me…

what is the hardest part of IVF. Here is what I can say. IVF is not hard. The injections are not hard — you get used to the tiny needles and they don’t hurt THAT bad. The constant blood-work, ultrasounds, and appointments are not hard — it’s just a doctors appointment. The money is not hard — it is just money (well maybe that kind of sucks) I can always earn more. 

The hard part is the uncertainty.

The weight of knowing that you HAVE to stay strong cause no one can do it for you. The emotional stress that the only thing you have ever wanted might not be a possibility. Its pass or fail. There is not gray area or “close enough”. 

But I also know that my desire for a family outweighs all of my fears. My hopes for a child shine brighter than any of my doubts and I believe in the power of a positive mindset. I try not to let negative thoughts or my inner critic speak louder than my inner coach. 

So… in September we started our 2nd and final round of IVF. A different and longer protocol, with WAY more ups and downs than the first one. And yesterday I had an egg retrieval. This time we got 5 eggs, 4 were mature and as of this morning 3 fertilized! My closest friends and family have been there beside me every single step and now I need your help. I need all of the prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes, and love to get these 3 fertilized eggs to make it to Sunday. 

I am hopeful…

but still cautious and I don’t want this journey to steal my joy and excitement. Thank you for you love and support. And just like last time, here is another post anesthesia video. Lol.

The video exists.

And it is AMAZING! Amanda gave us permission to share it with you, and so share it we HAVE TO! It is everything we hoped that it would be and so much more. If you can find humor in a really hard situation… you are a rockstar. Check it out!

>>> Post Anesthesia Video

Thank you, Amanda.

You are the sweetest, most lovable person and we feel honored that you took the time to tell your story. Maeve is one super blessed little girl to have you for her mama! Thank you for sharing the intimate details that made your journey to your baby girl unique; you are so inspirational!

Feel free to follow along with Amanda here! She provides amazing content backed by her expertise/education as a Speech Pathologist!

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Amanda mentioned this book as her favorite and one she will always cherish. Click on the picture to see the listing on Amazon.

This beautiful song inspired the title of this episode, and we love that Amanda found it for her heart! Have a listen!  



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