How Your Purpose Can Help You Pivot – Rebecca Asfour

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Focus on the positive. It’s a practice of gratitude for the smallest things. Lean in on the good and the more you do that, the more it comes back to you.

Meet Rebecca!

Rebecca is a wife, a mother, a business owner and source of motivation for so many people in her community. Like so many others, Rebecca was affected by the pandemic last year when we went into shut down. She was forced to shut down both of her Daily Method barre studios in the Chicago area for live classes, but that didn’t stop her from being the kick butt leader that she is! We watched her adapt, change and pivot to keep her business alive, and it was very motivational. 

“At The Very Least, We Have to Keep Moving”

The one thing Rebecca knew for sure at the beginning of the pandemic, was that she had to keep moving. Rebecca moved quickly and put her entire business online FAST. She asked her members to keep their memberships active, and offered every single that available in studio, at home. A lot of people stepped up to help make this happen, and her faithful clients stuck with her as she launched online.

Above and Beyond

Rebecca realized that in order for people to find the value in sticking it out, she had to offer above and beyond services which meant adapting, learning how to teach shorter yet effective classes, and grow and change with her clients. Rebecca is quick on her feet and a think ahead pro, which aided her in her efforts to stay afloat. She even decided to take her in person boutique online, which was no doubt missed by her clients and community. 


We know as business owners that you rarely walk the path of a yellow brick road. Being flexible is an ability that anybody can work hard to have. There are SO many hills and hurdles and bumps along the way. We try to stay flexible and figure it out as it comes, but all of that is easier said than done. Rebecca is a pro at being flexible in mind and body. 

Research + Persistence

After talking to Rebecca, we understand that these two things are key ingredients to being and remaining successful, no matter what we do. Throw in a dash of being and staying on top of things, thinking ahead, and doing what needs doing to prepare for the day or the week, too, and what a life! Thank you, Rebecca, for taking time out of a super busy and also sad week after losing your sweet puppy last week, to inspire us and so many more.

You. Rock!

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