How to Focus on What’s Important

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We all know that life is too short to waste time on things that really don’t matter, right? But with life being as busy as it is and with all the curve balls being thrown our way, how do we focus on what’s important? In today’s episode we are talking about what will add VALUE to our lives and make the best of every single day.

First things first…

Don’t procrastinate

If we are proactive and productive to the best of our abilities within a realistic time frame, we will have more time to focus on what matters to us.

Make the best use of your time. Actually.

Don’t get off track/distracted unless it’s to take a break/help you. Know what distracts you. Distractions break concentration, cause stress and derail us from completing tasks and achieving your goals. We have to complete tasks and have goals to thrive, right? But we also need to make time for what is important.

Don’t make excuses

We know better than ever that each moment is a gift, and that we literally have no idea what is coming our way. We have to be prepared to stop making excuses and overcome the struggles! There IS value in the struggle, and we can rely on hindsight to show us the worth. Let’s try to be patient. It’s always fun to have things to look forward to.


We are all human. We get angry. Annoyed. Frustrated. We lose our patience. But are any of those feelings worth it if we don’t love the people who make us angry, annoyed, and frustrated? If they were to die tomorrow…… what REALLY matters? Love. That’s what.

Override negative feelings with a grateful heart

It’s so easy to let ourselves become engrossed in what other people are doing, saying and accomplishing. Those things might not be in the cards for us, but even if they are, the best thing we can do NOW is be thankful and grateful for the little things all day long, and focus on those things.

Learn how to say “no” if you can’t

We have talked about this before. It’s hard to do. But we can only DO so much. If saying “yes” to something forces us to sacrifice doing something that matters, we need to learn how to accept that. And on the flip side, if someone tells US no, we need to understand and appreciate the fact that they are being honest with their time.

Do what makes you happy!!!!!!!!!

End of story! Tune in to hear us expand on all of these topics and enjoy our thoughtful ramblings 😉 We wish all of you who celebrate Christmas the MERRIEST of days, and can’t wait to ring in the new year with your #youfithere family! 


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