Get Better.

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It never gets easier, you just get better. If we could inspire people to adopt this motto and apply it to their lives, we feel like we would be doing the world a HUGE service. While we focus our efforts on spreading kindness and encouraging people to adopt kind habits, we are equally passionate about helping people live quality, happy lives.

Our favorite thing about this mantra is that you can apply it to literally anything in your life. When you start something that is NEW and different, it is usually hard, because change is usually hard. Anything that is worth having requires hard work, time and effort. But if you dive into something that scares you KNOWING that even though it might not get easier, but you will get BETTER handling/managing it, it will seem a lot less scary.

This past summer I equally looked forward to and dreaded the beginning of the school year. I looked forward to it because as a WAHM, the lack of routine and consistency in the summer means I am not as productive as I want and need to be. School meant set work hours every single day. But, with 5 kids ranging from ages 14 (High School) down to 3 (pre-school), this was going to be my most challenging year so far. I always think about the families I know with MORE kids than us and think… if they can do it, so can we! But also… I KNEW that it was going to be ok, because it had to be. I knew that having all 5 kids in 4 different schools would bring more stress, but I knew that I would get better at managing things once the school year started. And I was RIGHT. Here are some things I do and I hope they hit home if you find mornings to be stressful.

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… for the little 3. I lay out their shoes, socks, clothes, jackets and bags. In the same place. Without (99% of the time) fail. This is essential to a smooth sailing morning. My kids are pretty easy when it comes to breakfast, so while I am preparing them what they want to eat, they dress themselves and aren’t scrambling to find any items.

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Packing lunches is right up there with laundry and dishes for me, but I know that everything is better the next day if they are packed (with love, and always a note!) the night before.

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I find that if I do not kick off my day with a spin, I am simply not the best me. I try to go every weekday. If I miss, it’s because a kid is sick or I am sick. While I ride, I am SO inspired (b/c I go to the best studio in the world), and when I leave, I am ready to take on the day. I do something just for me before I personally see to it that kids get fed, lunches go in bags, bed heads get brushed, and jackets get zipped. Plus kisses. Plus hugs. And onward to change the world!

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Since I cannot physically be 3 places at once, I rely on some very special people to help me get kids from A to B. Sometimes it works out that I pickup at 2, and 3:10, and 4:15, and those days aren’t my favorite. BUT, those days are pretty infrequent because I have an army of people at the ready to help me and who OFFER to help in some capacity almost daily. Coordinating isn’t easy, but the reward of a little extra work time or less hours in the car is more than worth it.

Procrastination is more fun. Until…. TOTAL CHAOS BURSTS FROM EVERY BUSTED SEAM and everyone is screaming and crying and who wants to start their day like that? Thanks to my sister Janet and friend Sarah, I adopted this “LEADER IN ME” habit at home and there’s no turning back. When kids come home from school, I assess the homework situation. The older boys pretty much do things their own way, but it is at least discussed. If possible, we get it done VERY first thing so that the kids can have some down time before dinner. Then I sign a sheet, put it in a folder, put the folder in a bag, and put the bag where the bag goes. This goes with our entire theme for 2019. You have to do the work to “get paid”. It’s as simple as that. Then the rest of the night is more enjoyable and stress free(-ish) for everyone! I have work to do most evenings, so I need to make sure that I can work in a happy environment whenever possible. I love happy.

To wrap things up, I first discovered this motto when my sister Shannon was approaching her first half marathon in May of 2012. She pinned it on Pinterest and sent it to me via text. I made a print for her and framed it, so she could have it in her classroom and be reminded of how amazing she was all the time. Since she is gone, the words mean that much more to me. I try to apply them to every aspect in my life that I can. If something is hard, I try not to quit. If something is hard, I try harder. I still do the same amount of work, so it might not be technically easier, but it is sure less stressful. EVERYONE can afford to get better. No matter what.


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