Finding Stillness to Make Change

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Everything feels SO heavy right now. And SO important. And it is. The heaviness and importance of everything going on in the world today can be a lot to carry. On today’s episode C+C both talk about how we can slow down, handle things thrown at us, and make a difference/make changes where it matters. We can do everything and we can do anything, but we can’t do everything and or anything all at the exact same time. So with all these balls in the air and not enough hands to juggle them all… we need to find stillness to make change.

Based on experience, here are some helpful tips to help you when your load is too heavy to carry: 

  • Slow down. Unpack the load! Lay it all out. Sort it. Prioritize it. Take it one thing at a time
  • Breathe & practice stoicism. Don’t let an outside person or event control your emotions
  • Try to respond instead of reacting
  • Take a break from social or hide ridiculous people that make you spiral
  • Practice walking away or taking a pause in a heated conversation
  • Get to the bottom of what things that bring you peace and calmness. What centers you?
  • Be intentional with what you give your energy to and what you put your energy into
  • What are the things that keep you at your best? Make a list. Clear your head!
  • Find stillness to make REAL, positive, lasting changes.

We can all dig in an make a difference where we can. But we can make a bigger difference if we do what T SWIFT tells us to do:  




This is a must see! Click on the image below for a chuckle and friendly reminder that it’s NEVER too late to apologize!


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