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Meet Jim

He’s as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. Trust us.


Meet Jim

Today we are so excited to welcome Jim Nowakowski to You Fit Here. CB first spotted Jim on So You Think You Can Dance a few years ago, and she couldn’t help but reach out. Right off the bat Jim embraced our company and our mission and has been a total rockstar in spreading love and kindness on his platform. There’s a poster on his wall where he takes a lot of his shots and dances that says… “ALL LOVE NEEDS IS YOU.” Needless to say… he’s amazing and we are so happy to have him on the show! Jim followed his dreams from day 1, and is committed to guiding others to do the same. Tune in to this episode and then into yourself so you can find YOUR niche. Here we go!

Born to Dance

Born with an open cleft lip and palate. He was adopted when you were 6 months old, and your family has always supported hid aspirations in life.Following in the footsteps of his big sister, Jim quickly realized that dance wasn’t just a path he would follow, but it would become his life. He never felt like he was missing out; instead he embraced his dance family and being with them doing what he loved brought him the most happiness. 

He Never Looked Back

Surrounded by positive feedback and support his whole life, Jim embraced his life as a dancer from the start. This confidence provided him with an opportunity to encourage kids today to follow their hearts and their dreams and do what makes them happy. He is on a mission to nurture the next generation and lead by example (especially with to complications of Covid 19). He uses his platform and social media “stage” to inspire others. He is the most refreshing presence… and we feel so lucky to have gotten this time with him!

No Judgement

This is the zone that Jim hangs out in. And it’s so truly beautiful. Once you can stop judging yourself and others, your life blooms into the best life possible. Jim has given us a glimpse inside of his life filled with perseverance and passion, and inspired us beyond belief. Over the journey of his lifetime (and even still today) he has had a lot of things from an early age that have taught him to be happy with who he is. Dance has helped him through a lot of tough times. But nothing has been perfect. Confidence is something that you have to work for and instill inside yourself.

Find YOUR Niche

Jim has not let anything that might otherwise limit him stand in the way of reaching his goals and living his life to the fullest. Confidence enables all of us to be less judgemental about ourselves and others, and is a thing we should all work toward achieving! We are all born with a fire inside our hearts that gets hotter and brighter when we allow ourselves to follow our hearts, realize our strengths, and aren’t ashamed of being who we were born to be. We feel uplifted and encourage to keep on rolling and doing what we do best, and we hope this episode has inspired all of you to do the same!

Thank You, JIM! 

We couldn’t admire you more. We cannot wait to come and see you on stage as soon as we are allowed. We invite everyone to follow along with this amazing man, so scroll down to do so!


go. follow Jim. you will not regret it. 




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