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I (CS) am so excited to introduce our guest today, because he instilled in me from the very beginning of my life the importance of being nice to everybody. My dad joined me today in my kitchen, Diet Dr. Pepper on hand, ready to share stories and his nuggets of wisdom where great service is concerned with you all today!

My dad delivers Customer Service Training and does Keynote speaking in the Indianapolis area, but it’s the lessons he has taught me throughout my life that make me certain that you will gain a lot from this episode.

“Culture is EVERYTHING”

Thanks to my dad’s dad (my grandpa), my dad learned almost everything there is to know about excellent customer service. And at the very top of his list for what makes a business great is CULTURE.  It starts from the top, and funnels all the way down. Without a solid foundation of an amazing culture, it doesn’t really matter what your strategy is. When you think of all of the most successful businesses and what sets them apart, you can bet it’s everything to do with their culture.

It Starts From The Top

Maybe it was a bad day. Perhaps this waiter/waitress just lost their dog. Or quite possibly they don’t have enough help. Whatever the case, a customer was lost forever on the day these people waited for 30 minutes and got no service. If you have a good culture, you have good service, happier customers/clients, and and all round better place to be! Therefore, start from the top and build a culture from the bottom.

Lead By Example

This goes out to EVERYONE. It doesn’t even have to be about business or work. But if we want things done a certain way, we can’t just say “do it.” We need to walk the walk AND talk the talk, too. We have to “train” people so that the culture becomes contagious and there is consistency! We must do the hard work of building and maintaining a culture to be GREAT at what we do.

People Enhancers Rule

Every single person who is linked to a business, a company, a club, an athletic team, a family or otherwise, is part of a team. And every single person has the ability to enhance their teammates. There is a huge culture difference between companies who value everybody and companies who don’t. People who spend more to hire the right people and companies who don’t. If the team is working together, it has the potential to be successful. Plus… the more, the kinder!

Be Empowered

Just reading this quote gives us goosebumps. The potential to be great is inside ALL of us. Everyone can be great because everyone can serve, in so many different capacities. So let’s get out there and SERVE!


Thanks, Dad, for setting such a phenomenal example for Janet, Shannon and I. Not to mention your former students, employees, friends and maybe most importantly, your beloved grandkids! You are the GOAT!

He’s excellent at getting back to people! Feel free to reach out to CS’s dad, your customer service guru!

email: dannyomalia@gmail.com



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