Every day should be LOVE day!

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If every day could be like Valentine’s Day, declarations of love would occur DAILY.¬† Check out these expressions of love curated by yours truly ūüėČ These are some of our most favorite things we found on Mavely; they are perfect for ‘self-love’ or for gifting!¬†

If you tuned in to the podcast where we interviewed the amazing Peggy O’Flaherty then you have probably already downloaded Mavely. But if not, now is your chance. Get better deals AND cash back on these gifts. With¬†Mavely you will spread love to your friends and earn when you shop and share.¬†You’ve got nothing to lose. And so much love to give!

Download now and then shop!


Heart Shaped Cleansing Sponge – One Love Organics $10 – Use with your fave cleanser for an exfoliated and clean complexion!
Brooklinen Scented Candles $35 – The most calming and beautiful scents take me away when we’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed!
Allbirds for Kids $55 – Our kids deserve comfort as much as we do; allow us to show off some ‘mommy and me’ coordinating Allbirds!
Clean Baby Care Bundle $27 – The perfect small gift to your friend with a new baby.
Bombas Socks $12 – In the era of not knowing if you’re keeping up without¬†tracking yours steps, these socks will somehow energize you.¬† Trust us – your feet will thank you! These socks rock our feet!
Mini Tag Necklace $48 – An everyday bling that’s oh so versatile!
Pangea Organics Lip Tint $8 – goes on SMOOTH and great for SMOOCHING!
Trade Coffee $13 – Because we need the most delicious coffee to kick off our days and pour into our amazing mugs
Bouqs Knockout $49 – Breathtaking before and after Valentine’s Day; an instant ray of sunshine delivered to your door.
We might be a little bit biased, but we think you deserve something new to snuggle up in and spread love wearing! (Or carrying or drinking from). Check out what’s new in the shop! ONE WAY to LOVE!

Tune into last weeks episode if you haven’t already! We promise Peggy will inspire you and goes perfectly with the theme of LOVE!

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