Do All Things With Love – Peggy O’Flaherty

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Everykind, Interviews, Podcast | 0 comments

On today’s episode CS interviews the remarkable and inspiring Peggy O’Flaherty. Peggy hails from the Chicago area, is one of ten children and a mother of six; five here on earth, and one in Heaven, and a successful entrepreneur four times over. We were inspired to get Peggy on the show because we are so inspired by all that she has accomplished, how she exudes love in everything she does, and by her honesty and openness about it all.

From a young age Peggy was encouraged to serve others and the fulfilment that brought her helped grow her desire to continue to serve in her professional life today. Today she is the CCO and co-founder of Mavely, which is a really kick butt shopping app that curates amazing products that you love and a chance to earn some money, too!

At Mavely, Peggy is responsible for building and empowering a community of “Mavens” who are able to be their own influencers while earning additional income. Mavely was born from her commitment to finding a better way for women to influence their communities while earning supplemental dividends.

The past year has been the most difficult of her life, yet she is finding success and soaring to new heights. She was called to be vulnerable and asses herself so that she might be able to help others do the same. Have a listen and we promise you that you will be able to relate to her and be in awe of her all at once. Our hope for you is that Peggy inspires you to do all things with LOVE!

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