Dad The Best I Can – Rob Roseman

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Because C+C are two women/moms, they can only offer advice from their viewpoints. Since this podcast is meant to be inclusive for EVERY KIND, they decided to invite someone who knows a lot about being a dad, and who is relatable for everybody out there trying to raise kids in today’s world, to share his tips and tricks on how to make it in the dad world today. Meet ROB!

Rob is many things. He is a notorious TV game show contestant, a Chicago Merc futures trader, a Vegas poker pro, an entrepreneur, and a father of 3.Of all the jobs he’s ever had, being a dad has been the most challenging. So why not talk about those challenges?! His Podcast, “Dad The Best I Can” has helped many fathers feel less alone, and been a source for women to learn about what the dads are going through out there. With special guests every week, Rob offers his listeners a unique “from the dad’s perspective” viewpoint, that can help balance out the scale. And most importantly, it helps men out their who are shouldering all the dad responsibilities to feel less alone. No wonder he was a perfect match for this show!

Some of the best takeaways from this episode are…

  • Not a lot of dads talk about how hard it is to be a dad, yet dads are more involved than ever. That is why this Podcast is revolutionary and necessary!
  • Parenting can be pretty thankless, but talking about Parenting with other parents (moms AND dads) helps soften the thankless blows.
  • Being a parent is the most challenging thing you can do. You gotta listen to this one you guys. It’s the hardest, best long term investment and rewarding ever.
  • All we can all do is the very best we can. Part of doing the best we can is by listening to podcasts and reading and learning. Why not do it together?!
  • You can learn a great deal in a short amount of time. All you need to do is make the best of the time you have. We have to be patient and be kind to ourselves as parents!
  • Unprecedented times = the new reality. We need to zero in on the values that are important to us, and model those values.

We are all in this together, or we should be. Parenting in today’s world is super hard. But mom or dad, step mom or foster parent’; no matter who we are, we are all human and we should be able to rely on each other to do the best job raising our children as we can! You are not alone. Tune in to this podcast and let that sink in!



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