But First, Be Kind

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We created a space where everybody can connect, grow, and find joy… and we’d LOVE for you to join!

Let’s rewind just a beat. About a year and a half ago we started a challenge called “But First, Be Kind.” We made beautiful embossed journals, created a pack of 21 cards that would correspond with 21 days, and we had a Facebook group where everybody could hang out, reflect, and get the most out of the challenge. We took a break from doing these challenge groups when we decided to start our podcast and redo the website, but had the best time connecting with people and helping ourselves along the way. And so… we decided to offer the journey in a new way, FREE to you, during this strange time in our world! Join the group here… but read on, too!

Know Yourself 

We began the journey yesterday, but you can join anytime. We decided to talk about the challenge we chose for the first day on this episode of the podcast so you could see how it works. So DAY 1 was: KNOW YOURSELF. Do YOU know yourself? Yeah, YOU! Do you know the person looking back at you in the mirror? And not just his or her favorite hobby or the way they take their coffee, but REALLY know the person? Do you know their values, beliefs, tendencies, quirks, habits? Do you know what sort of things they excel at, and the things they could really work on? We believe you can’t take any steps forward until you know where you are starting. Start by getting to know the real you.

Each day is paired with a special quest so to speak, and we expand on our thoughts in the group. Tune in to this week’s episode for some more inside scoop and a look into why knowing yourself is SO important! Especially when you are stuck at home with no place to go 😉

One final note… when all else fails…

You can always start again. Any moment. Any day. The time is always now when it comes to new beginnings and a better YOU! We hope you’ll accept the invitation below and join us for inspiration, hilarity, and a dose of the EVERYKIND community we know you’ll fall in love with!

We are 2 Colleens who share a passion to make the world a kinder place. We’re so happy you’re here!

We started recording our conversations.

Mondays get an undeserved bad rep. 

There’s always a lot more behind our messages.

We really like to make people smile.

The not so secret to a happy, successful, fulfilling life is the simple truth that kindness changes everything. Follow along and join us in spreading kindness every single day. Practice makes kinder!