Becoming Her

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Meet Katie

Meet Katie Crenshaw! Katie is a mother of 3, a lifestyle blogger since 2015, a best-selling author, a maternal mental health advocate, and a story telling speaker. She is all of these things, plus she is the Founder of the #herbodycan movement to raise awareness to body positivity, a Best-Selling co-author of Body Can Books which are Children’s book series that teaches kids about body positivity and self-love.

You might have seen her…

Katie has gotten a LOT of well deserved press, from: the View, People Mag, Glamour Mag, Shape Mag, and more.

She’s the good kind of viral

You may even have seen Katie and not known it. This picture of Katie and 3 other moms posing with their shirts up, showing stretch marks and postpartum bodies went viral last May, as it should have. This is the type of bravery you can expect to see from Katie every single day. She is sharing her life, her story, her truth, and so much more.

This photo is credit of People Magazine (From left to right: Desiree Fortin, Katie Crenshaw, Bethanie Garcia, & Meg Boggs)

Here are our favorite takeaways from today’s episode:

  • People are braves behind keyboards, but any negative thing someone says is far outweighed by sharing your truth
  • We cannot control what other people think or will assume about us or the world. We CAN control what thoughts we allow to live in our heads and how we want to make an impact!
  • By showing up as yourself in whatever form you are presently in, you will undoubtedly help someone else who can relate to you in some form.
  • We can ALL do things we might not believe we can do. One step at a time. It starts with believing the truth that nothing is impossible.
  • Mantras are worth their weight in GOLD. Everyone should adopt mantras that will bring out the best in them!
  • We need to be more careful about what comes out of our mouths. Period. For so many reasons.
  • You just need to be you. That is more than enough!

Tune in and learn how you can discover who you are and what you were meant for! Or not. You will gain so much… we promise!


A #1 Bestselling Children’s Book: Her Body Can 

In Katie’s words…

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