Aging Gracefully

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First things first.

Today is CB’s birthday. One of the things I (CS) admire most about Colleen is that she is a go getter. Whether its on behalf of our business or painting a wall or going above and beyond for her dance students or taking ipads away from her kids for being jerks or even demo-ing a house, nothing stands in her way of doing the thing she needs to do and wants to do and doing it right. I have to say… it’s really inspiring. She keeps getting better. Something tells me she has a thing or two up her aging sleeves. So tune in to today’s episode so we can tap into THAT!

Bottle up these age defying secrets.

Today’s episode is packed with our go to tips for aging gracefully and living life to the fullest. If we could bottle them up and sell them to the masses, we would, because we believe that it’s more about the things we do and say than the the supplements we take or the procedures we have done that help us to age with grace. Alas, they aren’t things that can be bottled up. So it’s up to all of us to put the work in, make the improvements, and get the most out of every single day. 

Magic bag of tricks

You’ll have to actually tune in to get the real real, but here is a list of the tips that we decided we would personally work on and suggest that we all work on, together. Without further ADO (<— did you know that’s how that’s spelled?! There’s more where that came from on this episode, too!)

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Care Less About What People Think 

Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t Knock It- Period.

Be Positive.

Be Open Minded.

Make the World better for the people after you!





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