Q: What do you call 2 Colleens on a mission to change the world?  A: Kindness enthusiasts!

8 No, really. It all started because of an Etsy conversation in 2012. That conversation kicked off a long distance friendship that would never end.

The idea for EVERYKIND was born in 2014. We decided that because t-shirts allow us to be walking billboards, we should be wearing positive, kindness-spreading messages on them. We hoped that these messages would spark conversations, ignite change and inspire everyone to live a kind(er) life.

We know first hand that being kind isn’t always easy, but choosing kindness is always worth it. We are so freaking passionate about bettering ourselves and the world we live in, and are just so happy that you are here right now.

same name. different brains. shared passion.

Hi! I’m CB.


(Colleen B)

I am a hyper emotional human and I believe that music and dancing can turn any frown upside down. I enjoy cream with a splash of coffee, spending time with my family, and being the girl at the party you can rely on for chapstick.

& I’m CS!


(Colleen S)

I tend to have more enthusiasm than often necessary and consider myself fluent in several accents. I don’t go anywhere without my water, I’m a sucker for teen romance movies, and I sleep with three pillows every single night.

Want it hear it straight from our mouths?
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Every day we have the opportunity to honor CS’s sister, Shannon, when we do what we do. Shannon was a beloved daughter, sister, friend, teacher and above all mother of 2 boys. On July 27, 2014, the unthinkable happened: she was shot and killed by her ex-husband who turned the gun on himself, leaving their boys (10 and 8 at the time) parentless. Shannon laid down her life for her boys every day, and her final act on earth was one of love and devotion.

The legacy that Shannon left behind is everything that we strive to embody. She was kind, encouraging, persistent, and had a smile that truly changed the world she left behind forever. CS would like to encourage you to love who you love every single day, because really and truly, you never know. Things can change in an instant, and we should all live the way we want to be remembered.

“We believe that kindness requires a lot of practice. The key to happiness is repetition: do the things that make you better over and over again. Be kind as often as possible.”

-Colleen + Colleen