A Little Heart to Heart

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Everykind, Podcast | 0 comments

How To Wreck Your Mood:

Make assumptions, that’s how. When we make assumptions, we tell ourselves that something is true without any real evidence that it is. And the worst part? We believe it.


Why are assumptions harmful?

 Well for starters, they aren’t technically fair. And sometimes, they are incorrect. They don’t allow us to offer the benefit of the doubt or believe that anything could be something else; that we could believe IN anything else. They limit our ability to continually be growing and changing and becoming better versions of ourselves.

Can We Ditch Assumptions?!

YES. But just like anything worth doing, it will require mindfulness, and some hard work. If we can learn how to recognize when we are making assumptions and work out how to swap out questions for said assumptions, we’re on the right track!


Don’t Assume It’s All Here.

We have to make you work a little harder if you want to overcome making assumption mistakes on the regular! Tune in to today’s episode to hear what else we have to say about this VIT (very important topic) and how we need to work our booties off to stop making them. It’s a fun one! We promise.  



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