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 We are so pumped for today’s interview with our new friend Kherri, who is a hero to us because of what she dedicates her time to. Kherri loves her life, her husband, her dogs (all dogs), running, volunteering, traveling, & cookie decorating. She is also the person you would contact if GOD FORBID… your sweet angel dog ever went missing. She is…

A Dog’s Best Friend

Kherri is the owner and operator of On The Run Lost Dog Recovery in Hamilton County, Indiana, which is the county north of Indianapolis. It didn’t happen overnight, but hers is a beautiful story about how our passions can turn into something beyond amazing.

She is a One Woman Show!

But she is humble, and kind about her efforts. CS’s cousin went through a heartbreaking time after her brother’s dog got loose from her care, and she is quotes saying the following about Carrie…

 “Overwhelming panic and heartache sunk into my soul. The kind that paralyzes you, turns your peripheral vision black, and allows a hopelessness to swallow your identity. God’s light shined at such a dark moment in my life allowing me to meet Kherri. She did the simple stuff perfectly. She kindly and genuinely listened to me at all hours of the day and met me where I was at. She guided and supported me while providing information that was reliable and easy to understand. Kherri provided hope allowing me to strengthen my faith and trust God’s plan even when I absolutely did not understand it. The world could benefit from more Kherri Clements and I will forever be grateful for her.”

She Reunites Dogs With Families…

Like it’s her JOB! And it is. Only, she doesn’t get paid for all of her time and efforts. She has always loved dogs, but this whole ordeal wasn’t born overnight. It started in Charlotte, NC, with a volunteering role for The Coalition to Unchain Dogs, whose goal is to improve the lives of dogs kept chained outside by going out into communities and building fences for free for pet owners who can’t afford to do it themselves. The group also provides other free services such as spay/neuter, dog houses, and indoor crates as well as flea, tick, and deworming treatment.

So. Amazing!

Kherri’s work didn’t stop there. But her love for dogs brought her where she is today! Time and experience has taught her all of the tips and tricks useful to helping get dogs home safe and sound with their families. Apps like Nextdoor and Facebook have been awesome in aiding efforts, but this is really an episode you have to listen to to understand what goes into this woman’s career.


Thank you, Kherri!

You are a hero to many. We feel so blessed to have learned what we did to keep our dogs and dogs that we spot on the road SAFE! You… rock! And we hope you get your drone ASAP! (Keep scrolling down for details on how to help and to see the must haves… if you love your dog 😉

Kherri loves what she does SO much, that she doesn’t get paid to reunite families with their beloved dogs. Currently there is a GoFundMe account setup to help her purchase a drone with special technology that senses heat, which would help her immensely in her search efforts! Here is a link to the fundraiser!

The goal is $5,000, so Kherri asks that once the goal is met, you take your donations to a local shelter! She really is the BEST!

Go follow along with Kherri and “On The Run Lost Dog Recovery” on Facebook! It’s a really great follow filled with heart warming stories, updates on her cases, and tons of tips where our dogs are concerned!

Get a Martingale Collar! You can buy them anywhere, but here is one we found on Amazon! (above!)


And last but not least, here is the link for the WhistleGo tracker Kherri mentioned!


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