It’s Not Monday…

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Welcome to week 5 of “A Case of the Mondays”! By now you might be crushin’ on Mondays right along side us. Or maybe you’re new here and don’t know what’s going on, or are still stuck in a rut and throwing Monday under a bus. Either way, this week we are focusing on accountability and if you’re reading this, that’s a great first step towards loving Mondays!

It’s usually easier to blame other people, circumstances and events on things that go poorly in our lives, and we totally get that. But we can’t learn as much if we don’t take accountability when something is our fault. Mondays are not going anywhere, so what is the sense in bashing them and acting as though they have the ability to ruin your life every 7 days on repeat?


Here’s a thought. What if today you take a moment and write down 5 things you’re grateful for. Then text 2 people who rock your world or you couldn’t live with out. Then drink your water, and your coffee, and do all the things you can to set yourself up for an amazing day! You won’t regret doing anything that makes your life better, so what are you waiting for?!

Make it a GREAT Monday!

xoxo C+C 


We get by with a little help from our favorite things.

One thing we couldn’t Monday without…

We are 2 Colleens who share a passion to make the world a kinder place. We’re so happy you’re here!

We started recording our conversations.

Mondays get an undeserved bad rep. 

There’s always a lot more behind our messages.

We really like to make people smile.

The not so secret to a happy, successful, fulfilling life is the simple truth that kindness changes everything. Follow along and join us in spreading kindness every single day. Practice makes kinder!