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Okay, we totally get this one. We ourselves are big fans of bra-free time, but have you ever been enjoying your freedom and had to run down a flight of stairs? It’s just then that you REALLY miss the support!

Sometimes it’s nice to seek out support for yourself. This could be your favorite bra or in other ways a friend, accountability partner, your furry baby, podcasts, a book or hopefully even our Monday newsletters! There are so many things to support you to get through your days and obstacles, but we have to first seek them out and actually use them!

So we ask that today you go out and find the things that you use for support! I personally spent the day “cleaning” my social media feed! I made sure that the accounts I follow lift me up, inspire me and motiav

xoxo C+C

We get by with a little help from our favorite things.


One thing I couldn’t Monday without…


My Lululemon sports bra! Since we’re on the topic of bras, here is my FAVORITE! It’s super cute to wear under a tank top and comfortable enough to wear the whole day! *Also, insider tip…Head to the “we made too much” section on their website to get super great pricing! They phase out colors/patterns often so you can normally score the cutest stuff here even cheaper! 😉 



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